Charitee Hole In One Challenge

Live at Lees Hill

Charitee is a hole in one monitoring system.  The player has the option to purchase a Charitee Hole in One ticket upon registering in the Pro Shop.  This ticket is an additional $3 for our members and league play and $5 for public play.  When you get to the designated hole which is #5, you put your Charitee number off the ticket into the kiosk.  Then get ready, aim and take your best shot.  Hit it within the Flagstick and win today's "close to the pin" Jackpot. 

Cash Prizes are posted in the Pro Shop for the Hole in One and the Close to the Pin. 

If you do not get your Hole In One or closest to the pin, make sure you read your ticket completely.  You may be able to redeem the ticket for drink specials in the Grill.  Each Challenge shot is monitored by video camera feed. 

 Help a great cause!!!    $500 will be donated to Lee's Hill Junior Golf Campers in the name of each Hole in One winner. If there are no winners at the course during the calendar year, $500 will be donated to Lee's Hill Junior Golf Campers

Good Luck and stay tuned for a list of winners!

Congratulations -

Charitee Hole In One Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Clift on Hole #5 February 27, 2012.  110 yrds.  Jerry didnt even know until he got to the hole and one of his playing partners said "hey jerry i think it is in the cup".  what a wonderful surprise and a great way to start the golfing season! 

Well we knew it would only be a matter of time. On Saturday, July 3rd, Michael G. Lewis, bought a charitee ticket……the rest is history…..he made a Hole In One on Hole #7 and won $2,500. What a day that was for Micheal Lewis,  Lee’s Hill Golf Club and the Virginia Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America!……

 Within the Flagstick Winners 2012
* Kit Burns 3/25
* Brenda Sites 3/26

* Vince Dodd, 4/15
* Drew Hinkle, 4/16 -United Behind Chelsea Event
* Ray Slaughter, 4/17
* Vince Dodd, 4/28
* Kit Burns, 4/28
* Brenda Sites, 4/29
*Randy Beers, 5/3
*Al Yeatman, 5/3
*Jerry Clift, 5/11
*Kit Burns, 5/13

*Stan Greetham, 5/23
*Jerry Clift, 5/25
*Stan Greetham, 5/26
*Kit Burns, 5/26
*Joe Clift, 5/30
* Ray Slaughter, 5/29
* Jerry Clift, 6/11
*Richie Roberts, 6/14
*Kevin Donohue, 6/15
* Jerry Clift, 7/4
*Kevin Donohue, 7/5
* Andrew Sites, 7/7
* Bob Carter, 7/8
* Zee Seikirski, 7/9
* Mike Fitzgerald, 7/9
*Ray Slaugher, 7/10
* Jerry Clift, 7/11
* Erik Carpenter 7/14
* Jerry Clift 7/31
* Eric Healey, 8/11
* Drew Sites, 8/13
* Mary ann Hughes, 8/15
*Brenda Sites, 8/20
*Linda Argo, 8/22
*Vince Dodd, 8/26
*Mike Sweet, 8/26
*Rick Nichols, 8/31
* Brenda Sites, 9/3
* Brenda Sites, 9/16
* Drew Sites, 9/16
* Rick Nichols, 9/20
* Don Clift, 9/26
* Stephen Freylor, 10/8-Crimesolver Tournament


Within the Flagstick Winners 2011:
*Allan Hall, 2/18/11
* Butch Gangle, 3/2/11
*Ray Slaughter, 4/5/11
*Kit Burns, 7/4/11
*James McGhee  7/10/11
*John Stevens 7/13/11
*John Lavin 7/15/11
*Jimmy Roach 7/16/11
*Will Frazier 8/7/11
*Johnnie Dunkum 8/8/11
*Steve Sweazy 8/9/11
*Brenda Sites 8/10/11
*Floyd Thomas 8/12/11
*Jim Matthews 8/13/11
*Butch Gangle 8/15/11
*Vince Dodd 8/20/11
*Brenda Sites 8/21/11
*Vince Dodd 8/26/11
*Jerry Clift 8/26/11
*Rich Conway 08/31/2011
*Stan Greetham 09/05/11
*Brenda Sites 09/19/11
*Linda Argo 10/1/11
*Ron Lesniewski 10/1/11

*Brenda Sites 10/1/11
*Wil Frazier 10/2/11
*Brenda Sites 10/7/11
*Jerry Clift 10/7/11
*Jerry Clift 10/8/11
*Dale Haney 10/10/11
*William Roberts 10/10/11
*Calvin Couch 10/10/11
*David Cook 10/10/11
*Drew Sites 10/21/11
*Joe Lanford 10/28/11
*Billy Withers 11/2/11
*Stan Greetham 11/11/11
*Bobby Clark 11/12/11
*Michael Lewis 11/13/11


Closest to the pin Winners 2010:
*Eric Brown, April 9th
*Thomas Hickey, May 14th
*Marty Johnson, May 26th
*Jerry Clift, June 4th
*Joe Buff, P&S Sportmans Club Outing- June 11th
*Debbie Crickenberger, P&S Sportmans Club Outing- June 11th
*Steve Sweazy, June 15th
*Steve Sweazy, June 18th
*Vince Dodd, June 27th
*Pat Choiniere, July 1st
*Joe Cappadonia, July 23rd
*Jerry Clift, August 13th
*Joe Clift, August 20th
*Jerry Clift, September 1st
*Kevin Donohue, September 6th
*Steve Sweazey, September 10th
*Rodney Lewis, October 20th

Closest to the pin Winners 2009

*Stephen Bedsole, May 9th,
*Pete Needham, May 21st, 
* Christopher Duniluck, June 20th,
*Pete Seftas, June 28th,
* Steve Clark, June 29th, 
*David Holsinger, July 3rd,
* Ronnie Bell, July 3rd,
*William Hurst, July 9th, 
*Jim Ernst, July 13th,
* John Harding, July 17th, 
* Vince Dodd, July 18th,
*Barbara Gregory, July 31st, 
*Willie Hamm, August 1st,  
* Cole Eller, August 1st,  
*Paul Scott, August 1st, 
*Edward Calleja, August 4th,  
*Robbie Jerreu, August 25th,
*Wil Frazier, September 5th,
* Vince Dodd, September 7th, 
*Mike MacNevin, September 20th, Closest to the Pin in our Member Guest Event
*Ron Lemley, September 26th,
* Jim Yeatts, October 3rd
*Chip Campbell, October 9th
*Glen Woodard, October 10th
*Bobby Watts, October 13th
*Carl Snedeker, October 19th
*Jerry Butterfield, October 22nd
*Anthony Salviejo, October 22nd