Welcome to the Ladies Wednesday Morning League Results


Results will be listed by most recent week according to the team president, 
Margaret McIntosh, reporting:

 June 13
What a beautiful day for golf - very sorry I missed it but have enjoyed our guests! Twenty-two ladies enjoyed a Scramble resulting in the following winners:

 1st Place - Brenda Sites, Mary Helen Means, Pat Choiniere and Pat Jones
  2nd Place - Jill Reeves, Connie Bell and Jung Fischer
Chip-ins:  Joyce Perrin, #1
                 Mary Helen Means, #11

Congratulations to all!

June 6
Today we had thirty ladies come out to play golf.  The game for the day was Par 3's/Par 5's.  Winners were determined by gross score and net score (using one-half handicap to determine the low).  
Winners were: 
Flight A - Low Gross - Flo Shanahan, 36
Low Net - Mary Ann Hughes, 28.5
 Flight B - Low Gross - Dee Stevens, 43
Low Net - Kay Barton, 28
Flight C - Low Gross - Jill Reeves, 44
Low Net - Margaret Hamilton, 27.5
Chip-ins:     Nancy Holsinger, #6
 Sandra John, #4
Margaret Hamilton, #12
Jill Reeves, #9
Mary Ann Hughes, #10
Barbara Long, #5
Joyce Perrin, #6
Flo Shanahan, #6, #17
Nancy Holsinger, #1
Margaret Hamilton, #12
Jill Reeves, #9
May 30
Sorry for being late with the results.  Have been on the road since golfing!


Nineteen ladies came out on yet another cloudy and "iffy" day for golf.  The game for today was Odd Holes with one-half handicap.
Winners were:
Flight A - Low Gross - Brenda Sites, 33
                Low Net - Joyce Perrin, 29.5
Flight B - Low Gross - Kay Barton, 35
                Low Net - Mary Helen Means, 21.5
Flight C - Low Gross - Jill Reeves, 48
                Low Net - Judy Hudson, 33.5
 Brenda Sites, #4
 Kay Barton, #17
Pat Gridley, #11
Nancy Holsinger, #6
Robin Marine, #11
Margaret McIntosh, #17
Mary Helen Means, #9
Brenda Sites, #13, #9
Nancy Holsinger, #6
Barbara Long, #9, #13
Robin Marine, #17
Margaret McIntosh, #17
Mary Helen Means, #9
Thank you to Jill Reeves, Mary Frances Thomas and Jean Mitchell for keeping us organized for the month of May.  The task for June goes to  Bev Norris, Kay Barton and Sue Cyr. 

May 23
We had eighteen ladies come out to play golf today.  The game for the day was "Mystery Holes" with the holes being chosen by Chuck.  Scores were tallied for gross and net standings as follows: 

 Flight A - Low Gross - Mary Ann Hughes, 44
                Low Net - Joyce Perrin, 36.5
Flight B - Low Gross - Margaret McIntosh, 51
                Low Net - Mary Helen Means, 38.5
Flight C - Low Gross - Jill Reeves, 53
                Low Net - Pat Jones, 38
Chip-ins:  Mary Ann Hughes, #18
                 Mary Helen Means, #13
                 Jean Mitchell, #1
Birdies:   Jean Mitchell, #14
                Jill Reeves, #5

May 9, 2012

Fourteen ladies played Low Gross/Low Net today.  The rain stopped and the day turned into a very nice day for golf.
 Flight A - Low Gross - Brenda Sites, 88
                Low Net - Mary Frances Thomas, 74
 Flight B - Low Gross - Nancy Holsinger, 88
                Low Net - Judy Welsh, 68
 Flight C - Low Gross - Margaret Hamilton, 105
                Low Net - Jill Reeves, 73
    Mary Frances Thomas, #1
    Nancy Holsinger, #5, #12
    Bev Norris, #5
    Jean Mitchell, #1, #15
Jill Reeves, #7 Birdies:
Nancy Holsinger, #9
Bev Norris, #5
Judy Welsh, #9Jill Reeves, #7
Thank you to Mary Frances Thomas, Jill Reeves and Jean Mitchell for coming out on a rainy morning to run the game of the day. 

May 2, 2012

Twenty-one ladies came out to play golf even though rain was in the area.  By tee time no rain was falling and we were off for a full eighteen holes of fun!  The game for today was Best Comeback (biggest difference in front and back nine).
Winners were:
 Flight A - 1st Place - Connie Bell, 7
                2nd Place - Joyce Perrin, 4
Flight B - 1st Place - Marilyn Embrey, 8
                2nd Place - Mary Helen Means, 7
Flight C - 1st Place - Colleen Lanza, 25
 2nd Place - Judy Hudson, 9
 Joyce Perrin, #6
 Mary Helen Means, #4
Trish Vermillion, #8
Connie Bell, #3, #5
Mary Ann Hughes, #9
Joyce Perrin, #6
 Brenda Sites, #5
Mary Helen Means, #1

April 25, 2012
Twenty-three ladies came out for golf today even though we were off earlier than usual.  The game for today was Par Fours with gross and net winners in each flight.  Half handicaps were used to determine net winners.
Flight A-Low Gross - Brenda Sites, 47
Low Net - Connie Bell, 40.5
Flight B-Low Gross - Judy Welsh, 52
Low Net - Pat Gridley, 41.5
Flight C-Low Gross - Pauline Musselman, 59
Low Net - Judy Hudson, 45.
Chip-ins:  Brenda Sites, #5
Birdies:    Brenda Sites, #5, #6, #11

April 11, 2012
Twenty ladies came out to play on a cool, windy day.  Our game for today was Big Sister/Little Sister and the Low Gross and Low Net winners were:

1st Low Gross - Joyce Perrin, Bev Norris, 189
2nd Low Gross - Terry Nieder, Jill Reeves, 202
3rd Low Gross - Sandra John, Kay Barton, 207
1st Low Net - Pat Gridley, Barbara Long, 146
2nd Low Net - Jung Fischer, Barbara Gregory, 149
3rd Low Net - Mary Frances Thomas, Jean Mitchell, 155
Brenda Sites, #5
Barbara Long, #11
Margaret McIntosh, #17
Jean Mitchell, #13
Brenda Sites, #5
Margaret McIntosh, #17
Margaret Hamilton, #7
Jean Mitchell, #13