Lee's Hill Wednesday Morning Ladies League



  • Opening Day:  Starting Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Opening Day only: 7:45 meeting
  • 8:45 am Starting sign up tee times
  • Call the Club by Monday, 540-891-0111 @ noon to sign up for Wednesday game.
  • Please arrive 30 mins before tee time
  • League membership is $20.00, which will go towards end of season prizes
  • Joining the Ladies League makes you eligible for home and away invitational tournments based upon  participation in the Wednesday golfing.
  • To participate in the Lees Hill Ladies League Championship, you must play at least seven times during the 2019 season.
  • A,B,C levels
  • Those who play 9 Holes may want to start two hours later so we all finish together
  • You may bring an additional $2.00 for the weekly prizes and $1.00 for chip-ins.
  • Contact for the Ladies League at Lee's Hill:  540-891-0111



***Please advise the staff when making your tee time if you are a member, non member, players pass holder or EWGA player.  This will make your check in time go faster!